Timesheet Management

A timesheet is essential to track work in progress, estimated time of delivery, and elapsed time on a project. A project can be described as a cluster of tasks for a specific department, or a single activity for the entire workforce. Resources can be assigned to a project depending on the skill set. The time frame for a project can also be extended. Time clocked by the resources can be effectively calculated for a project.

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Key Features: Project Management Software


Projects can be assigned between the project managers. Tasks can be assigned to the team members. Each task can be approved or rejected by the managers.


Time spent on a task, and the overall project can be recorded daily. Keep track of deadlines, progress, and productivity.


Email alerts can be sent to managers for approvals, which they can do so directly from their mail application, without logging into Wallet-HR.


Different types of dynamic reports with respect to projects, clients, time-utilization, and bench-strength can be generated.

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