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Performance can be evaluated on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis depending on the organization’s appraisal requirements. Increments, promotions, and training can be recommended by the employee’s manager. The module has a powerful dashboard for the Stakeholders to know the status of a performance appraisal.

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Key Features: Performance Management System


HR wallet provides a 180/360-degree performance appraisal and feedback solution by integrating associate ratings, manager ratings, and other relevant data into a comprehensive dashboard.


Multiple KRAs, competencies, qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, and objective assessments can be created dynamically for performance review.


It also facilitates a rewards and recognition system where employees can appraise themselves or can recognize another individual’s achievements, which will then be subjected to review.


Senior Management, including the managers, division heads, and CEOs, can also be put through the system for performance appraisals and reviews.


Appraisal result output, increment, and promotion output can be directly exported from the platform.


HR personnel can quickly view the status of appraisals through the performance appraisal dashboard.

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Uncover Your Employees Potential With Wallet HR

Every business strives to stand out from its competitors in every possible way. Employees are the backbone of any organization and it is essential that every employee gives their best to make their company the best. Tracking the performance of every employee comes under the HR responsibilities which can be cumbersome.

Wallet HR, the best performance management system in India is an efficient system that helps your business to decode the employee performance in the most accurate way. Our software is designed to offer a great assistance to the companies in terms of improving productivity, identifying the areas that needs to be improved, and to make data-driven decisions.

Identify & Address Your Employee Performance:

With Wallet HR software India you can identify and assess your employee’s performance based on the various parameters. Every employee needs to be appreciated for their work performance which they have contributed for the organization. So, addressing their performance before their superiors is essential in any organization and our system helps in achieving the same. 

Through our application, HR professionals can curate performance reports which can be exported directly from our platform for their promotion and increment. 

Employee Progress:

Every business works on a specific goal and expects their employees to work for the same. As a result the employee strives hard to meet the expectation of the business and gives the best in all the possible ways. Hence, it is essential for the employee to bring their performance under the supervision of superiors and our Wallet HR makes that happen in a click. 

With the help of our module, the employer can create endless KRAs (Key Result Areas gives a complete outline on the employees responsibilities and roles within the organization) and KPIs, provide ratings & feedback across each metric. Quantitative and qualitative reports can be generated at ease including bellcurve, promotion recommendations and much more. 

Promotion and increment recommendations flow seamlessly to the payroll management module which makes us the best payroll management software in India.

Efficient Exporting Performance Data:

Our performance management system offers a convenient feature where appraisal results, increments, and promotion outputs can be seamlessly exported. This functionality streamlines the process of accessing and utilizing critical HR data. Users can effortlessly obtain comprehensive reports, enhancing transparency and efficiency in talent management. This export capability empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, fosters communication between HR and employees, and simplifies performance evaluations. In a few clicks, valuable information can be extracted, facilitating strategic planning and ensuring a smoother HR workflow. This feature optimizes data utilization, contributing to a more effective and informed HR strategy.

Self Appraisal Platform:

Our cutting-edge HR software is designed to revolutionize your workplace by fostering a dynamic rewards and recognition system. Empower your employees with the ability to appraise their accomplishments or extend appreciation to their colleagues seamlessly.

With our intuitive interface, self-appraisals has become an empowering experience, allowing individuals to reflect on their achievements, set goals, and take ownership of their professional growth. Our performance management system ensures a smooth and efficient self-evaluation process, fostering a culture of self-awareness and continuous improvement.

Recognizing outstanding contributions is made easy with our peer-to-peer recognition feature. Colleagues can acknowledge each other's achievements, fostering a collaborative and positive work environment. The recognition submissions are then subjected to a streamlined review process, ensuring the authenticity and relevance of the appreciation shared within the system.

Our HR software stands as the beacon of performance management system in India, simplifying the rewards and recognition process and enhances employee engagement, morale, and overall workplace satisfaction. Empower your team to celebrate success, foster a culture of appreciation, and drive motivation with our innovative Rewards and Recognition system. Elevate your workplace experience today!

Our module is designed to streamline your performance management, through our integrated attendance system that provides robust features for empowering you to effectively monitor employee performance and drive productivity.

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