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In any organization, the most complex function of HR is to manage attendance. Precious time is spent on the monotonous activity of keeping track of leave, comp-offs, holidays, overtime, and shift timings. Wallet-HR provides the best solution to all of the above, with a powerful attendance management software.

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Key Features : Attendance Management Software


Real-time synchronization of data ensures that all attendance records are consistent. Stakeholders can view attendance and leave records online across all locations, at any given point of time.


Geo-tagging and geo-fencing features enable the HR personnel to track employees based on their GPS location. It also helps in the constant tracking of clock-in/clock-out process.


Creating and managing-number of shift rosters, scheduling/rescheduling group/individual shifts are made easy through a flexible scheduling system.


The attendance module tracks the late and overtime entries of employees and calculates payroll deductions, leave records and compensation accordingly.


The platform can be easily configured to fit your organization’s unique time and attendance framework including comp off, over time, optional leave policies, etc.


Wallet-HR's attendance module helps an organization to consolidate the details of all branches under one roof, by syncing attendance from multiple devices.

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Empower Your Team With Wallet HR

With the advancement of technology, HR software has emerged as a powerful tool to streamline HR responsibilities and processes. Wallet HR software helps in efficiently handling key HR functions, improving productivity, and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

Our attendance management app is designed and developed with distinct workforce attributes to accurately identify, track, monitor, and record the employee activity for the betterment of the organization. Wallet HR software simplifies and automates the attendance tracking process. It also acts as a performance management system that eliminates the need of manual tracking of employee performance. 

Without a real-time automated attendance system, your company’s operation would be challenging and full of compromises. The monotonous activities of the HR in managing the attendance which also includes leaves, comp-offs, holidays, shift timings, and overtime are completely automated thereby supporting every sector technologically. 

Our application is an automated, accurate, and secure that it records employee information based on various parameters. Also, our automatic attendance system can be implemented on-premises and on-cloud that makes it an on-point attendance processing solution for your organization.

Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing:

One of the challenging jobs handled by the HR team is tracking the attendance of your employees while keeping an eye on the fake attendance. Wallet HR time attendance software is your right application to know your employees presence within business premises. Our system is enabled with the Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing features which allows you to know employee log-in and log-out time.

Our attendance payroll management system helps the employers to ensure that their employees were physically present at the work location during their shift time also it notifies if they had worked extra shifts during the day.

Shift Management/Scheduling:

Working hours play a crucial role in the attendance, HR payroll, and for the performance appraisal. It is a feather added to the flock where the HR professional needs to be aware of the employee shift timings, and schedules, so that employees can plan their work accordingly. Our system is enabled with the shift management feature that allows you to manage and create the shift plan for your employees. At the same time, our attendance management software has a flexible shift scheduling feature which also allows you to reschedule the shift timings, create individual shifts, and many more. 

Optimize Late & Overtime Of Your Workforce:

Our cutting-edge attendance application is designed to streamline your workforce management processes effortlessly. With Wallet HR, you can efficiently track employee attendance, including late and overtime entries, ensuring accurate payroll calculations and deductions.

Our system also maintains comprehensive leave records, making it a breeze to manage employee time-off requests. Additionally, it automates compensation calculations, ensuring that your employees are accurately compensated for their hard work.

Experience the benefits of our attendance application today and take your workforce management to the next level. Your business deserves the best, and that's precisely what we provide with our attendance module.

Configurable Software As Per Industry Needs:

Our workforce management software is the need of the hour in any industry especially where employee’s clock-in time attributes to company’s bottom line. With our realtime attendance software you can effortlessly streamline your time and attendance framework. Our user-friendly interface allows easy configuration to align with your organization's unique requirements, whether comp off, overtime, or optional leave policies.

Date Synchronization With Attendance System:

Synchronizing data with our automated attendance system presents numerous advantages that improves precision, automates process, and streamlines various HR procedures. By incorporating data synchronization into our application, employee attendance information is automatically gathered and documented in real time, diminishing the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies linked to the manual input of data. Automating attendance tracking obviates the necessity for manual timesheets or punch cards, resulting in time savings and decreased administrative effort.

Additionally, data synchronization empowers HR personnel, managers, and stakeholders to access current attendance records, observe employee punctuality, and monitor absenteeism in real time, enabling swift intervention when needed. The synchronization of data in HRMS simplifies the payroll process and guarantees precision in wage computations. Attendance data, captured by the time attendance system, seamlessly integrates into the HR payroll system, eradicating the requirement for manual data input and minimizing the risk of errors while calculating the salary. Attendance data synchronization with payroll module not only ensures accuracy but also streamlines processes, reduces manual efforts, and enables proactive management, all of which collectively contribute to enhanced productivity within an organization.

With our efficient HR time tracking software eliminate the complexities of manual tracking. Our system empowers you to manage your workforce's time and attendance precisely, ensuring compliance and boosting productivity. Experience the future of workforce management with our innovative solutions. No more hassles of manual tracking, embrace the convenience and accuracy of our software with timely intuitive dashboard and reports.

You can bid farewell to manual calculations, piles of paperwork, and potential errors associated with loss of pay, shortfalls, and overtime management which funnel-down to payroll. With our HR software which is integrated with the payroll module serves as the best payroll management software in India that seamlessly integrates with attendance to automate and simplify your HR processes today!

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