Flexi-Pay & Reimbursement

Employees have the option to choose the components of flexi-pay based on their grade. Claims can be made by the employees by attaching the requisite bills. Finance can verify and settle the bill along with payroll or otherwise.

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Flexi pay and reimbursement

Key Features: Reimbursement System


User can configure any flexi-pay components of their choice with the definition of grade and limit.


Claims can be approved/rejected by the finance team easily on verification of bills.


Payouts can be configured either during the payroll cycle or processed separately.

With Wallet HR, our innovative platform allows employees to personalize their compensation packages by selecting components of flexi-pay tailored to their specific grade as per your company’s policy.

Empowering your workforce, Wallet HR streamlines the reimbursement process. Employees can effortlessly claim reimbursements by attaching the necessary bills through our user-friendly interface. This intuitive system ensures a hassle-free experience, making us the best payroll software India for your team to access the benefits they deserve.

Seamless integration is at the core of Wallet HR's functionality. The finance team can efficiently verify and settle bills in tandem with the payroll process or as needed. This synchronized approach enhances transparency and contributes to the overall efficiency of your financial workflows.

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