Leave Management System

Configure different type of leaves and define rules for availing the leaves as per the company’s policy. Create dynamic workflow to approve the leave request applications in the HRMS. Encashment and carry forward of leave can also be configured in the leave management system. Resource availability can be effectively managed by the Managers before approving the leave.

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Wallet HR leave management software

Key Features: Employee leave management software


Leave management module is integrated with biometrics/access control data, and the absentee data is directly recorded in the HRMS system.


The employee leave management module consists of leave definitions and policies pertaining to granting leave, restrictions, weekend policies, etc.


Easily apply, approve, cancel and reject leaves through the online interface. Leave cancellation before and after approval, without any hassle.


Calendar view of all attendance events like in-time, out-time, late, permission, on-duty.


Create customized, regional, national, or restricted holiday lists, and publish across the organization.


Email alerts for approval, cancellation, and rejection of online leave applications. Trigger CC mail to any stakeholder in the organization.

"Key Features: Automatic Attendance System"

Leave management ensures that there is a systematic approach to employee’s absence. By having a clear process in place, companies can minimize disruptions and maintain optimal productivity levels even when team members are on leave. WalletHR’s leave management module integrated with automatic attendance system is designed to offer organizations a comprehensive solution for configuring various types of leaves while adhering to the complex policies of the company. At the heart of our software is a well-structured leave management system, configuring and managing various leave types in alignment with your company's policies.

Integrated Attendance System:

Understanding the clock-in, clock-out time and the no. of leaves taken by an employee is crucial for HR administrators for efficient attendance and leave management within the company. Monitoring attendance aids in observing employee leave trends and ensuring compliance with company policy with respect to paid and supplementary leaves. In recent days, HR administrators seek reliable software that streamlines the entire process, minimizing the need for manual intervention and maintenance for leave initiation and approval.Our leave management module at WalleHR is designed to revolutionize the way you handle employees absence. Seamlessly integrated with biometrics and access control data, our solution ensures a hassle-free process from raising leave request to approval. The likelihood of fraudulent activities and identity theft is notably diminished through the seamless integration of biometrics and access control information with the attendance management module. The distinctiveness of biometric characteristics guarantees that solely sanctioned individuals acquire entry to confidential information or assets. It safeguards individuals and entities from potential harm and monetary setbacks linked to security breaches.

Biometric Integration:

WalleHR's leave management goes beyond traditional methods by integrating with biometrics and access control systems. This ensures accurate and secure tracking of employee attendance.

As an automatic attendance system Wallet HR is said to elevate the user experience by seamlessly capturing the attendance punches through GPS tracking. This infusion introduces a sense of contemporary refinement, creating a lasting impact on both employees and visitors. Employees can effortlessly access their workplace through a swift finger swipe or a rapid facial scan, promoting a constructive and progressive work atmosphere. Moreover, time equals money, and integrating biometrics and access control results in savings on both fronts. The quick authentication procedures enable employees to effortlessly navigate access points, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for keys or inputting passwords, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Real-time Absentee Data:

With our system, absentee data is directly recorded in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy in the attendance and leave management.

Effortless Leave Requests:

Our user-friendly interface allows employees to submit leave requests with ease. The integrated system takes care of the rest, automating the approval process for a more efficient workflow.

Comprehensive Reporting:

WalleHR is indeed an realtime attendance software that provides in-depth reports on leave trends, helping you make informed decisions. Access valuable insights into employee absence patterns and plan accordingly to maintain productivity.

Attendance Within The Framework:

WalleHR brings you a robust and comprehensive employee leave management module, equipped with a range of features, including leave definitions and policies, to ensure a seamless and efficient leave management experience for both employers and employees. Our automated attendance system with leave management module allows you to define leave types tailored to your organization's needs. Also, create and customize leave categories such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and more. These definitions serve as the foundation for a clear and organized leave structure.

Take control of your organization's leave policies with WalleHR. Set rules for granting leave, establish restrictions, and define weekend policies to align with your company's unique requirements. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to configure policies that match your organizational culture and compliance standards.

WalleHR understands that each organization operates differently. Our system lets you implement flexible restrictions, ensuring that leave management aligns with your company's workflow. Whether it's blackout periods during busy seasons or limitations on consecutive leaves, WalleHR adapts to your specific needs.

Employee-Friendly Approval:

WalleHR's intuitive online interface empowers managers to seamlessly apply, approve, cancel, and reject leaves, revolutionizing the way you handle employee time-off requests. Managers can initiate leave requests effortlessly through our time attendance software, saving time and simplifying the entire application process. With just a few clicks, employees can submit their leave requests through our user-friendly interface.

Our module facilitates quick and efficient approval processes. Managers can review and approve leave requests promptly, ensuring a smooth workflow and minimizing any potential disruptions to your team's productivity. WalleHR understands that plans can change. Our system allows for leave cancellation both before and after approval.Stay informed with real-time notifications on the status of leave requests. Whether it's an approval, cancellation, or rejection, Wallet HR keeps all stakeholders in the loop, enhancing communication within your organization.

Wallet HR leave management module not only simplifies administrative tasks but also contributes to a more organized and efficient workplace. Embrace a digital approach of our attendance application to elevate your team's productivity and dynamic workflow today.

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