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WalletHR is a unified, easy-to-use product to help businesses of all sizes to automate everyday HR processes.

Cloud On-Premises
Wallet HR Recruitment


  • Lifecycle management starts with Applicant Tracking System
  • The dashboard would throw the important charts on MIS about recruitment
  • The charts would be dynamic and would vary depending on the stakeholder
  • Automated interview schedules
  • Dynamic assessment forms can be created for various positions
  • A powerful onboarding module that facilitates candidate login
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Wallet HR Core HR


  • Helps the user to manage employees’ data in an organised way
  • Enables the user to replace the excel data where all the particulars of an employee can be captured in the system
  • Ensures all the data are retrievable at any point of time without any hassle
  • Conduct multiple employee satisfaction survey
  • Allows the user to configure and generate various reminders of any event at any time and date, along with other MIS on Core-HR data
  • Different letter templates can be configured with ease
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Offered On-Cloud & On-Premises
Wallet HR Employee Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

  • A module of Wallet-HR, where notifications like announcements, audio/video, event, service anniversary, birthdays, etc. are available in the dashboard for an employee to have quick access to information
  • These activities facilitate employee engagement with co-workers and managers
  • Payslip and Tax Worksheet is made available to the employees in the portal
  • Publish any internal job openings in the portal
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Wallet HR Attendance Software

Attendance Management

  • A powerful attendance management software that allows different organizations to configure complex business rules
  • Rules can be configured for shifts, late, permissions, overtime, comp-off, leave, week-off and holidays
  • Easy configuring options that address many complications in night shift, continuous shift, break shifts, over-time and comp-off management
  • The powerful reports engine allows the user to configure different types of reports at ease
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Wallet HR Leave Management

Leave Management

  • A leave management system that provides a quick view of the monthly attendance of the employee to view his complete attendance details
  • Integration with attendance management system enables an employee to view his complete attendance record day by day for the payroll period
  • Online leave request, regularization and approval
  • Employees leave history
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Wallet HR Payroll

Payroll Management

  • Wallet HR comes with a robust payroll engine that can process 10,000 records under 10mins
  • Wallet-HR boasts of configuring any complex payroll in three easy steps
  • Manage the audit requirements of master and transaction components
  • Reconciliation statement between two months facilitates error-free computing
  • Payslip format can be configured at ease using the design wizard
  • Payslip is generated in PDF and can be password protected
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Wallet HR Organisation-Chart

Organization Chart

  • Provides a pleasing GUI of the reporting hierarchy
  • Vacancy position can be seen with the age of the vacancy
  • Can be viewed for an entire organization or an employee or an employee attribute
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Wallet HR Hr-Analytics

HR Analytics

  • The data pertaining to core HR, attendance, payroll, etc can be sliced and viewed at the macro and micro level by the stakeholders
  • Data can be compared between any period and can be visualized in different types of charts
  • Scans through humongous data to derive meaningful information and helps to take appropriate decisions at the right time
  • Employee count, attrition, employee costs, etc. can be viewed in a click.
  • No need for an expensive data mining tool
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Wallet HR Performance-Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

  • A module with a powerful dashboard for the HR managers to know the status of the appraisal
  • Wallet-HR's Performance Appraisal is very dynamic and has different methods that are being adopted by various organisations
  • Performance can be evaluated on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis and these periods can vary from department to department in an organisation
  • Any number of KRAs and Competencies can be dynamically created
  • Ratings can be done by Self/Manager/Reviewer
  • Increments, promotions and training recommendations can be entered by the manager
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Wallet HR Timesheet-Management

Timesheet Management

  • Define multiple projects with start and end date
  • Project can be defined with or without task(s)
  • Project can be deactivated automatically or extended depending on the requirement
  • Resources can be effectively managed by effective tracking
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Wallet HR Ticketing


  • An internal helpdesk module for an organisation that aids to raise, assign, and track a complaint or request raised by an employee
  • Tickets can be mapped automatically to a concerned person of a department
  • TAT can be defined for each ticket and monitored for its completion
  • TAT can be mapped to appraisal
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Wallet HR Reimbursement

Flexi-Pay & Reimbursement

  • Option to select components and amount pertaining to flexi-pay
  • Claims can be made in the portal by attaching the scanned copy of the bills
  • Approval by finance
  • Payout can be processed with payroll or after payroll
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Wallet HR Travel-Management

Travel Management

  • Provides informative charts with the status of the people on travel
  • Claimed and unclaimed amount can be viewed across any employee attribute such as department, location etc
  • Dynamic workflow for managing travel request and advance
  • Manage expense claim and settlement through the system
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Wallet HR Task-Management

Task Management

  • Task management helps the managers and employees to keep track of their tasks
  • Reminders through SMS and mail options are provided to remind about the approaching due date
  • Employees can assign private or public tasks to self with or without a due date
  • Notification will be sent to the appropriate managers
  • Employees can update the status of the task
  • Manager can assign private or public tasks to their subordinates
  • Manager can track the status of the task updated by an employee
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Wallet HR Training Management

Training Management

  • Training needs of an organization can be identified through the performance appraisal system
  • Training calendar can be set for different position and people in the organization
  • Managers can nominate employees for any scheduled training program
  • Programs can be nominated by the managers by selecting the employees from his team
  • Reports on training can be generated at any point of time
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Wallet HR Learning-Development

Learning & Development

  • An e-learning module which enables an employee to learn the content mapped by the Manager or HR
  • Dynamic question templates with various degrees of complexity and time limit can be set by the L&D team
  • Employees can take the test after learning the desired topic & get to know his scores instantly
  • Employees can view their career path & understand the courses they have to complete
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Wallet HR Grievance-Management

Grievance Management

  • Facilitates an employee in the organisation to air their grievance for resolution
  • Employees can select from a list of grievances which can be set by the HR team
  • The grievance would be posted to the reporting manager for resolution
  • Issue resolution timeframe can be set as per the company rules
  • Employees can raise a grievance against a manager or senior anonymously to protect his/her identity
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Wallet HR Exit-Management

Exit Management

  • Enables the HR to understand the status of employees in respect of resignations and clearances
  • Capture resignations online and dynamically set the exit hierarchy for each employee
  • Employees can request a reduction in the notice period
  • Manger can recommend favouring the employee or reject it
  • Exit interview forms can be designed as per company’s requirement and data can be captured for exit analysis
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Wallet HR Visitors-Management

Visitors Management

  • Has a smart dashboard that enables the security person to know the total visitors for the day so far, visitors inside and details about the expired gate pass
  • Helps the security to know the number of visitors planned for the day
  • Helps in tracking the movement of visitors in an organisation
  • Facilitates one-time registration for a visitor
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Wallet HR Canteen-Management

Canteen Management

  • Helps to monitor the food tokens used by the employees.
  • Solution works under turnstile gate setup, biometric setup or token-based device
  • Allows HR to compute the number of breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner consumed based on the punch timings or based on the token printout
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Wallet HR Mobile-App

Mobile Application

  • Allows employees to apply leave, permission and on-duty on the move
  • View in-out details, shift details, payslip and tax sheets
  • Employee profile can be accessed by HR or any authorised person
  • HR can call/ text/mail any employee without adding to personal contacts
  • GPS/Geo-fencing Enabled
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Wallet HR Eedo

Ask Eedo

  • For your leave balance
  • For your payslip
  • For your loan deductions and balance
  • To apply leave
  • To apply work-from-home and lot more
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