Core-HR Management

Core-HR module captures all the basic data of an employee in an integrated form. Some key features of the module include employee data management, coordinating schedules, and setting up task reminders. Core HR comes with a dynamic report wizard where the HR team would be able to generate any type of reports from the software without any customisation.

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Wallet HR Core HR module

Key Features: One-stop HR Payroll Solution


Easily keep a tab on the employment history and data of all employees across the organization like academic qualifications, previous employment, personal details, etc.


Set and send date-based reminders across the organization. It can be directly sent to their dashboard of Wallet-HR or their personal email.


Core-HR module integrates with all the other modules, even third-party integrations, and you need to update the employee data only once, and it will be synced everywhere.


Easily set up permission controls, so that employees can update certain details by themselves in the HRMS system, thereby saving a lot of time for the HR personnel.


Data privacy and security are of utmost importance. Wallet-HR has adequate control mechanisms to keep all the data safe, with enterprise-wide security features.


Facilitates internal job posting to allow employees to refer candidates for recruitment.


An organization's HR is always at the forefront to take the informed-decisions about the various organizational changes. As a result HR professionals face unprecedented stress levels in taking the company’s crucial decisions making them look for new ways to invest in the best HR payroll. The HR payroll system integrated with the core-HR module helps in expanding the company’s focus and aligns perfectly with the business strategies that provide positive-impact results. However, in order to achieve such agility in your business, Wallet HR shall be your right choice.

Our system is a complete solution for Human Capital Management (HCM) of any organization which can be adapted to any complex business environment through its enhanced features. 

Our application is incorporated with the core-HR module which enables the HR professionals to capture all the primary information of the employees in the most concise and integrated form. Thus, it enables the business to manage, optimize, and plan the HR tasks for the diverse workforce from a single platform. The key features that make our cloud based HR software suitable for your organization is that businesses can completely manage their employee data, coordinate with employee schedules, and set up reminders for the respective tasks.

With our modules, you can completely simplify and unify the complex HR tasks, meet the industry requirements, can handle the business rules effectively, and understand your workforce completely. We offer the best HR software in India which can work on-cloud and on-premises that can elevate employee experience and seamlessly boost the company productivity.

Employee Data At One Place:

Every business expects the HRs to boost the productivity of the employee while enhancing the business operations. However, this can be achieved only by installing the right technology at the core of your HR management. Since we also provide the best payroll software India we help you align the core activities of HR and finance departments in your organization under a single roof making it simple and easy for communication.

With our software, you can track the complete history and data about an employee in terms of qualification, education, personal details, previous employment, and many more. In the case of data security, you can stay assured with our software as our system is inclined with various control mechanisms to ensure that every employee data is safe and secure. Our system is enabled with various security features as per the enterprise norms to prevent unauthorized access that can potentially harm the employee or business.

Deliver Next Level Of Service:

Businesses are looking for innovative ways to engage employees as they begin to realize the importance of the workforce modeling and business planning. Our integrated HRMS cloud solutions allows the Hiring, finance, and HR departments to reskill, budget, and organize the workforce as per the business demands.

As mentioned earlier, Wallet HR is an integrated solution with various modules and it simplifies the process of updating the employee information. You need not enter the employee information every time as it is synchronized with the modules. Similarly, setting reminders on specific tasks is easy, you can decide to send notification to the entire organization or to an individual as per your business needs.

Our system also comes with control access features where the employees themselves can update certain data on the portal which comes to HR’s approval, this saves much time for the HR professionals. The HRs can also post job openings in the organization where the employees can refer candidates for the same.

Thus, Wallet HR, the top HR software in India offers a complete workforce module that allows the HR to work on the business requirements with easy-to-manage features that effectively manages the enterprise operation and human resource planning.

Strategic Workforce Planning:

Businesses are bound to various pivot changes to make themselves resilient to the future changes. Our system also helps in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) for your company that crafts a business strategy by deriving data from various sources based on real-time.

It is also to be noted that real-time insights into employee performance are invaluable for effective management. Our module integrated with the performance management system and attendance application helps in tracking the employee performance based on the various workforce parameters where major core HR activity is being taken care of. 

Complete Data Safety:

Data privacy and security are paramount when it comes to a good HR software in India. At Wallet HR, we understand the significance of safeguarding your sensitive data. Our cutting-edge HR software solution is designed with robust control mechanisms to ensure the utmost security.

With the increasing need for data protection, Wallet HR offers enterprise comprehensive security features beyond industry standards. We prioritize the confidentiality of your employee’s data, ensuring it remains safe and secure at all times.

When you choose Wallet HR for your needs, you're not just investing in efficiency and productivity; you're also investing in the highest level of data security. Experience peace of mind knowing that your employee’s data is in trustworthy hands with Wallet HR.

Our Core-HR module focuses on enhancing the experience of employees, adapting to the business changes, and facilitating HRs with all the essential-tools so that you focus on the core business. Wallet HR aims to provide a comprehensive solution for the managers, HRs, employees, and other professionals with fully-loaded features that eases their operation than ever before an employee onboards the company. 

Integrated Core-HR Module:

WalletHR has an advanced core-HR module seamlessly integrated with all other modules, including third-party applications. This module requires updating employee data once and watching as the changes synchronize across all relevant platforms effortlessly, making the HR payroll process easy. Our innovative solution eliminates redundancy and streamlines data management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your human resources operations.

Experience the convenience of centralized control, where modifications to employee information propagate effortlessly, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time. The core-HR module in our HRMS cloud solutions, fosters a cohesive ecosystem that adapts to your organization's unique needs. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology with our software – the catalyst for efficient data management and integrated excellence.

Secured Access:

Our cutting-edge HR software India, designed to streamline your workforce management effortlessly. Experience unparalleled efficiency with our user-friendly platform, allowing your employees to take charge of their information updates. With easily configurable permission controls, empower your team to make necessary adjustments in the HRMS system without relying on HR personnel, saving valuable time for everyone.

Our robust system ensures a seamless and secure process, granting employees access to update specific details such as personal information, contact details, and more. Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks, and embrace a dynamic HR environment that fosters independence and accountability. With our innovative software, your organization can enhance productivity, reduce workload on HR staff, and create a more agile and responsive workforce. Invest in the future of HR management with our solution, where control and convenience converge for unparalleled efficiency.

Being incorporated as one of the top HR companies in India, Wallet HR is the right partner for your organization which helps you stay resilient and to be a pivot for the ever-changing business environment.

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