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Wallet-HR provides the best mobile app (optional integration) where employees would be instantly notified of approval or rejection of leaves, permissions, or on-duty requests. The geo-tagging and geo-fencing features simplify the attendance process by automatically marking employees’ attendance as they enter or exit the organization.

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Mobile Application

Key Features: HRMS App


Mobile app is available in both Android and iOS.


Employees on the field can be tracked with location punch and selfie.


Simplified calendar view with the live attendance data is made available to the employees and their reporting managers. The simple GUI of the mobile application enables the employees to view their payslip and event reminders on the go.

Key Features: Attendance Management App

At WalletHR, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled efficiency and convenience to employers and employees through our cutting-edge mobile app. Our mobile application, available for Android and iOS, is a testament to our commitment to simplifying HR processes and enhancing workplace experiences.

One of our standout features is the instant notification system, ensuring that employees are promptly informed of the approval or rejection of leave requests, permissions, or on-duty submissions. This time attendance software fosters a transparent and responsive work environment and communication.

Every company desires a range of functionalities to be streamlined within their working environment. Making leave requests within seconds and securing approvals in minutes can be a fantastic option to boost employee experience. Registering attendance via their mobile devices upon entering the workplace premises, instead of waiting to arrive at the office to register using biometrics, and so on. Our application is ideal for all manufacturing, construction, mining, or maintenance sectors to engage white-collar staff in these industries. This approach aims to provide a comprehensive and adaptable solution that meets the specific requirements of white-collar workforce segments.

Nevertheless, our attendance management app significantly benefits white-collar workers by streamlining and enhancing their daily work experience. Our application provides a convenient and efficient way for employees to mark their attendance, eliminating the need for traditional time-consuming methods like paper sign-ins or manual log entries.

Our geo-tagging and geo-fencing functionalities redefine attendance tracking, effortlessly automating the process as employees enter or exit the organization. Say goodbye to manual attendance marking – our real-time attendance management app does it seamlessly, saving valuable time and minimizing errors.

The WalletHR mobile app isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. It empowers your team with the flexibility to manage HR tasks on the go, boosting productivity and engagement. Our application stands at the forefront of workforce management, offering a comprehensive suite of features to streamline employee tracking and enhance overall organizational efficiency.

One of the standout features of WalletHR is its ability to empower field employees through location punches and selfies. In an era where remote work and field operations are commonplace, ensuring your team is where they need to be is critical. With our software, you can effortlessly track your on-field workforce, allowing for real-time insights into their location through location punches. Moreover, integrating selfies adds an extra layer of authenticity, visually confirming an employee's presence at a specific location.

Utilizing our attendance tracking apps for employees not only saves time and manual effort but also contributes to environmental conservation. Reduced paperwork translates to less harm to the planet.

Furthermore, our mobile application is a realtime attendance software that enables your workforce to register early or late clock-ins, automatically dispatching notifications to HR leaders for precise timekeeping.

Our realtime attendance software goes beyond simple attendance tracking by providing a simplified calendar view with live attendance data. This combined attendance and leave management feature benefits employees by giving them a clear overview of their attendance history and facilitates reporting managers in making informed decisions. The live attendance data ensures managers have up-to-the-minute insights into their team's availability, making resource allocation and project management more efficient.

The user-friendly interface of the WalletHR mobile application is designed with simplicity in mind. Employees can easily navigate the app, accessing essential features with just a few taps. The intuitive design ensures that even employees with limited technological proficiency can effortlessly use the application. This simplicity is precious for on-the-go professionals who need quick access to information without the hassle of a complex interface.

One of the critical advantages of WalletHR is the ability for employees to view their payslips and event reminders on the go. This functionality enhances employee engagement and contributes to a transparent and open communication culture within the organization. Employees can conveniently access their payslips, informing them about their financial transactions. Additionally, event reminders help employees stay on top of important dates and deadlines, fostering a proactive approach to their responsibilities.

WalletHR is not just a workforce management tool but a game-changer in how organizations interact with their on-field employees. By combining location tracking, an attendance system , a user-friendly interface, and features like payslip viewing and event reminders, WalletHR offers a holistic solution for modern businesses. Embrace the future of employee management with WalletHR and experience heightened efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction.

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