Payroll is a complex process that involves coordination between different departments like Human Resource, finance, few other departments. Employee information from all these departments is put together and the final salary is calculated based on bonuses, taxes etc. These complex calculations can be made easier with the help of automated and configurable software.

Wallet HR provides best payroll software in Chennai which simplifies the procedure of remunerating salaries to annual, hourly or part-time employees along with bonuses, deductions, taxes, and aspects of the net pay of all the employees in an organization.


  • Pay slip components like basic allowances, House Rent Allowances and Leave Travel Allowances.
  • Calculating the gross salary and net amount to be paid after the deductions.
  • Calculating employees’ salaries monthly including bonuses.
  • Filing employee’s tax returns and dues like EPF, TDS etc.


  • The organization must have knowledge of the legal rules and regulations, if not the organization may have to pay heavy fines.
  • There are a plethora of chances to make errors while calculating salaries manually by non- experts
  • delay in submitting tax saving proofs, IT declaration, last minute attendance sheets by employees etc
  • Depending on various sources can delay the process of payroll.
  • Lack of employee data like leaves, attendance etc can disrupt the chain of payroll processing
  • Non compatible payroll management software

Wallet HR in Coimbatore works out payroll calculations and deductions quicker through configurable best payroll software India. We help companies to simplify the herculean task of calculating bonuses, expenses, holiday pay etc. We remove the need of organization to understand complex tax legislation as it is managed by our experts and we store data such as pay slips and annual reports in a secure, easily accessible system. Wallet HR is a well known HR Software Provider in Coimbatore, HRMS software in Chennai and Best Payroll software in Chennai or Human Resource Management Software or the HCM or HRIS as they are called is utilized by different corporate in Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other parts of South India. Implementing Wallet HR helps you to derive huge benefits in cost control and bringing discipline in the work force.WalletHR - Best payroll software in chennai


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