Clockwork Care: Revolutionizing Hospital Workforce Management with Wallet HR's Attendance Module

February 01, 2024
Clockwork Care: Revolutionizing Hospital Workforce Management with Wallet HR's Attendance Module


In the intricate landscape of healthcare, managing staff attendance goes beyond tracking regular office hours. Hospitals operate 24/7, and their workforce often adheres to complex shift rules. This case study delves into the challenges posed by diverse shift structures and how Wallet HR's attendance management module effectively addressed these complexities in a hospital setting.

Shift Dynamics in Healthcare:

Hospitals are characterized by a myriad of staff categories, each adhering to distinct shift rules. Doctors, for instance, often work back-to-back shifts due to the demanding nature of patient care. Contract workers may follow different shift cycles, and night shifts are integral for maintaining continuous patient care. Navigating these intricacies manually can be overwhelming, impacting payroll processing timelines and introducing the risk of errors.

Selecting a Solution for Varied Shift Structures:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the hospital chose Wallet HR's attendance management module for its ability to adapt to diverse shift dynamics. The software's flexibility allowed customization to accommodate the unique requirements of each staff category, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and payroll processing.

Addressing Back-to-Back Shifts:

Doctors, often engaged in critical patient care, frequently work consecutive shifts. Wallet HR's attendance management module seamlessly handles back-to-back shifts, ensuring precise tracking without compromising accuracy. The system's real-time capabilities offer immediate visibility into staff availability and adherence to shift schedules.

Managing Different Shift Cycles for Contract Workers:

Contract workers, employed for specific durations, may have shift cycles distinct from regular staff. The software's customization options enable the hospital to define and manage various shift cycles efficiently. This ensures that attendance data for contract workers aligns with their specific contractual obligations, contributing to transparent and error-free workforce management.

Efficient Night Shift Management:

Night shifts are integral to uninterrupted patient care, yet managing attendance during these hours poses unique challenges. Wallet HR's attendance management app excels in handling night shift intricacies. The system captures attendance in real-time, providing an accurate account of staff presence during overnight hours. This not only facilitates precise payroll processing but also ensures compliance with labor regulations related to night shift allowances and working hours.

User-Friendly Interface for Shift Requests and Changes:

The hospital's workforce comprises various roles with distinct scheduling needs. Wallet HR's attendance management module incorporates a user-friendly interface that empowers staff to request shift changes, submit preferences, and manage their schedules efficiently. This feature not only enhances employee satisfaction but also streamlines the shift management process for administrators.

Key Features of Wallet HR's Attendance Management Module:

1. Realtime Attendance SoftwareThe implementation of the attendance management app enabled real-time tracking of staff attendance, eliminating the delays associated with manual recording.

2. Automated Attendance System: The software's automated features simplified the attendance tracking process, reducing the administrative burden on the HR department.

3. Cloud Based HR SoftwareThe cloud-based nature of Wallet HR's solution ensured accessibility from multiple locations, facilitating easy monitoring and management of attendance data.

4. Attendance and Leave Management: The module seamlessly integrated attendance and leave management, allowing staff to request leaves and view their attendance records through the same platform.

Challenges Overcome:

Implementing the attendance management software was not without its challenges. Adapting the system to the unique requirements of different departments and ensuring a smooth transition for the staff required meticulous planning and coordination. The Wallet HR team provided comprehensive training sessions to ensure that all stakeholders were familiar with the new system.

Results and Benefits:

The successful implementation of Wallet HR's attendance management module yielded several benefits for the hospital:

1. Efficient Payroll Processing: Real-time attendance data significantly reduced the time required for payroll processing, ensuring timely and accurate salary disbursements.

2. Error Reduction: Automation minimized the risk of human errors associated with manual attendance tracking, enhancing the overall accuracy of attendance records.

3. Improved Employee Satisfaction: The user-friendly interface and accessibility of the attendance management app empowered staff to monitor and manage their attendance and leave records independently.

4. Cost Savings: The automation of attendance tracking resulted in a reduction in administrative costs, allowing the hospital to allocate resources more efficiently.


Navigating the complex shift rules inherent in the healthcare sector demands a robust and adaptable attendance management solution. Wallet HR's module not only addresses the challenges posed by back-to-back shifts, varied shift cycles for contract workers, and night shift management but also provides a user-friendly interface for seamless scheduling and attendance tracking. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging advanced technology to meet the unique workforce management needs of hospitals, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency and staff satisfaction.

Client Testimonials Across Business Verticals

  • Auto Ancillary Manufacturing

    "We have implemented all the modules of Wallet-HR in our organization. We are very happy to mention that the product works great and the Crystal team implemented the solution at cheetah pace with good understanding. Very commendable job considering the size of our organization. We have integrated attendance devices across our 45 locations to centralised attendance software and integrated to payroll along with other modules. As a result of complete HR automation we were able to save atleast 7% on our turnover year on year. We are extremely delighted to have chosen Crystal HR as our solution provider."


  • NGO

    "We have 9 companies with almost 4000 employees Over all; managing employee’s records was very difficult. We have chosen wallet-HR after evaluating many products. Now we are using few modules of Wallet-HR, further we are planning to use all modules from this financial year. We are very satisfied with the Wallet-HR software, because of its updated technology, and the time it saves. Wallet-HR gives us accurate results and reports as per our requirements. Good Luck to Crystal team!"


  • Pharma

    "Wallet HR has been implemented and integrated across all our 9 locations. We have strict FDI guidelines to follow in respect of access control and attendance, which we have tirelessly implemented with the help of Wallet HR suite."

    IT Head

  • Auto Ancillary

    "We have nine factories across different locations in India. Wallet-HR is implemented for managing our entire employee lifecycle. We had huge challenges in managing workforce using attendance devices. Crystal with their proprietary technology was able to provide us a seamless solution. We have been using Wallet HR for 6 years now with excellent backup support from Crystal whenever required."

    HR Head

  • Retail

    "We are amazed by the domain understanding of Crystal and the configuration capabilities of the product. They have been able to provide solution to all our issues without making any customization in the product. It is a great tool that helps to balance the entire process of our organization in an easy manner."

    HR Manager

  • Hospitality

    "Intuitive UI, dynamic functionality and robust technology is what made us choose Wallet HR amongst all other products in the market. Earlier we used to manually amend the attendance data before processing payroll, now everything is automatic, which in multiple ways has reduced the time and effort spent in validating the attendance. That is indeed great."

    IT head

  • Share Registrar

    "We are very impressed by the lightning speed of Wallet-HR’s payroll engine. We have been able to process payroll of around 4000 employees in less than two minutes."

    Functional Manager - HRD

  • Steel Manufacturing

    "Selection of vendor is a tough process in Hyundai. Wallet-HR has been selected by Hyundai software division to implement the solution across all Hyundai subsidiaries. As a first step we have implemented the solution at one of our subsidiaries in Sriperumbudur and we are happy that they have gone live without any fuss. Good job done by Team Crystal."

    HR Manager

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