Best HR Software in Bangalore

Wallet HR has created HR Solutions, HRIS, HRCM, and payroll software for the cutting-edge, new-age workforce in Bangalore. Wallet HR provides cost-effective, dynamic highly configurable HR Software that has helped 2 lakh+ users and 400+ clients around the globe across a wide range of industries. With the best payroll software in Bangalore, all HR functions are simplified and automated by capturing all the essential information of an employee, so complex payroll processes can be configured within minutes.

Our Clients have been able to save at least 7% of the total expenses year on year using the best HRMS software- Wallet HR as they have been delivering a human resources management software that is nimble and scalable to meet the customer expectations with 95+ man-years of domain expertise.

Key modules provided in our Human Resource Management Software

  • Efficient process in gathering the required HR data to make better decisions and make HR processes and functions more efficient and effective, and improve the strength and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Helps workforce scheduling.
  • Highly configurable attendance management tightly integrated with attendance devices and mobile devices.
  • Configurable online leave management.
  • 3 step epayroll configuration – Simplest and the Fastest in the industry.
  • Facilitates faster payroll process, 1000 employees payroll can be processed within 3 minutes.
  • Makes the travel expenses claims process easier through travel management software.
  • Dynamic Performance management and goal settings with KRA and KPI for any business vertical.
  • Provides deep-dive HR analytics across all HR attributes that gives meaningful information in data and charts across various HR functions.
  • Helps in scheduling training and managing training records.
  • Different types of access controls—Biometric, card or face-based devices can be used to provide access.
  • Helps in e-learning through L&D module (learning and development)
  • Helps in setting up the process for employee separation through the workflow for clearances and exit interviews.
  • Grievance redressal history is stored in the platform to generate reports and perform data analytics which helps in grievance management.
  • Employees can view the organization's structure and hierarchy more efficiently with effective permission controls.
  • Flexi-pay components can be configured by the user with grade and limit definitions.

Most reliable HRMS software in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of Asia's fastest-growing cities. In the period 2020-2024, it could achieve average annual real GDP growth of 9.9%, far exceeding India's average growth of 6.8% and Asia's average growth of 3.9%.

Bangalore is the world’s 4th largest tech cluster, and on track to become the world’s largest by 2020, according to the local government. Despite its small size, the city is the centre of the $150 billion tech sector that contributes nearly 10% of India's economy. In addition, it is home to the country's largest number of tech start-ups.

Bangalore continues to attract top businesses and top talent from around the world with no signs of slowing down.

This leads to the growing demand for cloud-based HRMS, therefore companies need better and smarter HR software in Bangalore. Wallet HR is one of the leading HRM software providers in Bangalore. Implementing Wallet HR - Best HR software in Bangalore helps you optimize and automate all the core hr functions and derive huge benefits in cost control and bringing discipline to the workforce.


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